Kristina, Deena, Ollie, Rhonda & Lana - 5 weeks old
This litter was born on January 2, 2022 and are all in their new homes. Another litter is due mid-August, 2022. Email if you would like to be notified of the new litter.

Making a Loyal Sheltie Puppy Your Very Own

Loyal Shelties has been raising vigorous, healthy, AKC registered Shetland Sheepdogs since 2006. These Shelties are sure to make loyal and affectionate pets for people of all ages. All pups go to their new homes with dewclaws removed, vaccinations and de-wormings up to date, and health checked by our veterinarian. Many breeders remove dewclaws, administer vaccinations and de-wormings themselves; but we have our veterinarian do these things so that the customer will be confident that it was indeed done and done correctly. The puppies are looked over by the vet at 3 days of age when their dewclaws are removed and again at 6 weeks of age when they have an even more thorough exam and receive the vaccinations and de-worming. Our veterinarian still makes house calls so the puppies are not traumatized by being loaded up and driven to the vet's office at 3 days old! To be sure that each puppy has a steady weight gain and is healthy, I weigh each puppy at birth and at least 2 times a week thereafter. The customer is given a health certificate which includes a copy of the puppy's weight chart, information on the vaccinations, de-wormings and vet check, and a one-year health guarantee. A puppy care booklet is also sent home with each puppy. Puppies are handled daily and well-socialized. As they grow, they are exposed to different sights and sounds to make the transition to their new home easier. By the time the puppies are about 3 weeks old, they are each held and carried around for a time each day. Extra time is taken with puppies who seem to be on the shy side. Except in extreme weather, the pups are taken outside for a time every day when they are old enough. This makes house-training much easier later on. Before going to their new homes, the puppies have been for car rides and practiced going up and down steps. Interested customers are sent email updates at least every two weeks which include current pictures, weight gain information, and any other news concerning the puppy chosen. We are located in south-central Wisconsin, about one hour south of Madison. Because we want to do everything possible to ensure that the puppies will be in homes where they will be well-cared for, puppies are not sold to pet stores or brokers. Interested customers may be asked a few questions to determine if their situation is suitable for raising a puppy. Email me with any questions you might have. Thank you so much!

Some Loyal Sheltie Puppies from the Past

Some Loyal Sheltie Puppies from the Past

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Litter of Puppies due August 18! These puppies are from Kirby and Jesse. If you would like to receive the first puppy pictures email